WelcomE AbOARD

Welcome Aboard! The waiting is almost over and soon we will be in Classic Rock Heaven aboard the Norwegian Pearl! We want your time aboard the On the Blue Cruise to be an unbelievable experience, so let’s make sure you are 100% prepared for the music vacation of a lifetime!

This document has everything you need to make sure your time on board is exactly what you’ve been planning, so please review carefully…we don’t want you to miss a thing. We highly recommend that every guest download and use the Norwegian App. It’s a great way to stay in touch with other guests on board, access deck maps, make reservations for dining, shore excursions, and more. Most importantly, this is where you can find the Freestyle Daily, which will be updated each day. This daily program will give you a summary of all bar hours, meal hours, merchandise store hours, concert schedules, as well as any schedule updates. For more information on this, CLICK HERE. Remember, we are at sea and Mother Nature sometimes requires us to move events. Be sure to refer to the schedule on the app/daily program, as well as the flyers and the video screens around the ship for any changes.

Your On the Blue Cruise (OTBC) staff will be with you every step of the way to make your stay aboard the Norwegian Pearl as comfortable as possible. Come by and see us at the Hospitality Desk located at the Guest Services desk on Deck 7 midship, during our posted hours. You are now an Official Member of the OTBC Family so let us know if we can help in ANY way.

It’s time to set sail on Classic Rock’s greatest vacation...You can rest when you get home!



For your convenience, all shipboard expenses are charged to your Onboard Expense Account, via your Freestyle Card. This is a cashless system used for all onboard purchases and services. You will use your Freestyle Card to pay for everything you purchase aboard the ship such as beverages, duty-free items, spa services, shore excursions, etc. You are NOT able to use personal credit cards or cash to pay for these items onboard.

Your Freestyle Card (see sample) is also your form of ID as you get on and off the ship. You will need to carry this card with you at ALL times. If you lose your card, please contact Guest Services (Deck 7, midship) immediately to get a new one. Keep your card away from water and cell phones as it can get demagnetized and stop working. Please do not punch a hole in this card as it can disrupt the chip in the card.

The account may be set up with either a credit card or as a cash account. You may establish a master account and add guests from your stateroom or another stateroom as authorized purchasers on your account. Your Cruise Card will be set up during check-in using a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB Card or Diner's Club. You may also use your debit card with a Visa or MasterCard logo, however please be advised that Norwegian will obtain pre-authorization, as they do for all Credit Cards, and some banks hold these funds for up to 30 days. Traveler's checks or cash can also be used as a method of payment to settle your account with an initial deposit of $150 USD per person paid in advance. Personal checks and gift cards cannot be used to settle an onboard account at the end of the cruise. Most major foreign currencies can be exchanged for US dollars onboard.

Using your debit or ATM card

  • Please be advised that multiple holds will be placed on your debit card account based on your onboard purchases.
  • After settling your onboard folio, these debit card holds may remain on your account up to 30 days after the cruise ends.
  • To avoid overdraft charges from your bank, please make sure that you have enough available funds in your account during this hold period.
  • Neither Norwegian nor On The Blue Cruise will be responsible for overdraft charges resulting from holds placed on Debit Card accounts.

See the Guest Services Desk on Deck 7 if you have any questions or need assistance.

IMPORTANT – You will NOT be able to use your Cruise Card to purchase OTBC event merchandise. Merchandise may be purchased using personal credit cards and cash only. Cash may be obtained via the ATM on board located in the casino (deck 6, forward). Please check with the cashier regarding any applicable fees. Although cash and credit card are accepted, at times the ability to use a credit card may be limited due to Internet speed onbaord.

As of February 1, 2024NCL no longer provides foreign currency exchange services on boardand USD will be the only form of currency accepted for the settling of your onboard account.

If you are in need of US currency for the On the Blue Cruise, we encourage you to obtain it prior to embarkation.

Additionally, Norwegian Cruise line has just informed us that you must add a credit card or debit card when you check in. You are welcome to pay in cash at guest services if you choose to, but you must have a credit or debit card on file. 

PLEASE NOTE: There will be a $100 hold put on any debit or credit card on file, however, additional charges will not be placed on the card if you add cash to your onboard account.

Your cabin

Upon boarding the ship, cabins may still be in the process of being cleaned and not ready for our guests until approximately 2:00 pm. Feel free to take a tour of the Norwegian Pearl and/or grab a bite to eat up on Deck 12 at the buffet. Once your cabin is available, a ship announcement will be made and you may head to your stateroom. 

*Please keep in mind that once on board, there will NOT be a place to check/store any bags or luggage. Be sure to check any bags you do not need until late evening with the porters in the terminal before boarding the ship.

Upon entering your cabin, take a few minutes to freshen up, drop off your carry-on luggage and prepare to spend some time exploring. While in your cabin, be sure to look it over to make sure everything is in order as well. If your beds are not configured correctly, (for example you have 2 twin beds and would like the 2 beds to be one), please call guest services or your cabin steward on your cabin telephone or find your cabin steward outside your stateroom and inform them that they need to have the beds put together or separated.

If you need additional pillows or towels, again, please inform guest services or your cabin steward to have them deliver the additional items for you. Please remember that on embarkation day the cruise staff is very busy loading passengers, luggage, and getting ready for our events and therefore your requests may not be fulfilled until later in the evening. Your stateroom is equipped with voltage plugs (110 Volts AC). However, some high-voltage hair dryers, electric razors, etc. may require a converter. 

freestyle daily - the Daily program

The Freestyle Daily program should be waiting for you in your cabin when you arrive, providing complete information on the day’s events including concert performances, activities, restaurant hours, bar hours, and more! The Freestyle Daily will be delivered to your stateroom each evening with all the information you will need for the next day. In addition, if you are using the NCL App, you can find this information and have it digitally at your fingertips anytime. Please also be sure to always review the documents as they are delivered to your cabin, as there can be schedule changes as needed.

top down tour

Are you ready for the tour? We are here to help you with your self-guided tour.  Simply walk to the upper most deck on the ship, follow the maps you will find in the stairwells, and work your way down. On the upper levels you will generally find public areas like pools, pool bars, jacuzzis, Spa, gym, sports courts, deck relaxation areas, buffets, specialty restaurants, observation bars, dance club, and more. Down lower in the entertainment decks, you will find an array of bars, clubs and lounges featuring wines, specialty drinks, and music. In addition, you can visit the main dining room, more specialty restaurants, main showroom/theater, coffee bars, shops, Guest Services Desk, Shore Excursion Desk and many additional entertainment features. Although we hope you will never need it, you will find the ship’s medical center on deck 4. Please check your Daily Program or contact Guest Services for regular hours and emergency services.

dietary restrictions or allergies

Norwegian makes every effort to accommodate guests whenever possible. This includes dietary restrictions and allergies. NCL can accommodate dietary needs such as: Food allergies, Gluten-free, Kosher, Low-fat, and Low-sodium. If dietary restrictions or allergies are a concern, please meet with the Head Waiter in the Main Dining Room and Restaurant Managers at other dining venues as soon as possible, in order to review the menus and identify selections you wish to have modified or avoided. 

A variety of vegetarian meals are available on all menus in the Dining Room and Garden Cafe every day. Guests do not need to make a special request for these meals.  Lactose-free/soy milk, Ensure, and kosher meals are available at no extra charge. All you have to do is notify Norwegian prior to sailing. 

Guests must fill out the NCL Special Needs Form and/or call the toll free number: (866) 584-9756

Guests may not bring on board any food items other than baby food and/or dry, nonperishable snack items (cookies, crackers, chips, energy bars, etc).

reserve shore excursions

If you did not previously make your shore excursion reservations, it is a good idea to visit the Excursion Desk (located on deck 7, Port side next to the Crystal Atrium and Java Café) early to make sure you get the tours you desire. Normally the desks are open at embarkation, but, in some cases you may have to return during the hours posted. Hopefully, you have done your homework on the ports we will be visiting and know what you want to see and do. Talk over your plans and preferences with the Shore Excursion Agents to determine what choices are best for your party. Don’t forget to discuss all health; mobility or age (children and elderly) constraints so you book excursions that are within your group’s capabilities.

confirm/reserve spa, fitness & beauty appointments

Today’s cruise ships feature some of the most complete and beautiful spa/fitness/beauty facilities in the world, land or sea. If you didn’t book your services online during the online check-in process, then during your tour of the ship, check them out and make your appointments early so you won’t be disappointed. Be advised that “no shows” will typically be charged so ask about cancellation policies.


Do not book shore excursions or spa/beauty services that

conflict with any OTBC events you wish to attend.

You deserve a break!

Congratulations! You’ve had a busy day thus far, but the extra effort and preparation will make it smooth sailing the rest of your cruise. Find your favorite new “watering hole” and relax a bit with a refreshing cocktail.

organize your stateroom

Upon returning to your cabin, you may have received your checked luggage. If so, take the time to unpack and get organized before your evening out. Remember, there are lots of bags to distribute so please be patient; it may take until late evening to get all the bags delivered.


If you need anything pressed for the next couple of days, contact your room steward to pick up your garments so they are back in time. Try to stay ahead of the schedule by requesting future laundry and dry-cleaning services early. Please note there is a nominal fee for laundry services.

Bringing irons and steamers onboard is not permitted.

washing your hands

Today’s modern cruise ships are among the most spotless hotels in the world (floating or land based) and adhere to high levels of sanitation control and cleanliness. As is the case in any public space, hotel, or cruise ship, it is important to wash your hands regularly. Many ships provide hand sanitizer dispensers at locations throughout the ship so make sure that you and your party keep your hands sanitized often.


Muster Drill

The Lifeboat Drill or Muster Drill is a compulsory drill that all passengers must participate in prior to sailing. Fortunately, now you will complete your muster (lifeboat) drill prior to even boarding the ship! You mean we don’t have to put on our life jackets and stand outside anymore at our muster stations? Correct! You will now watch a video online or in the NCL app during the check-in process. Once you are onboard you will take your cruise card to your muster station (located on your cruise card), and the NCL staff member will scan your card and you are all done.

Make sure to watch the below video so you know what to expect!



You may connect via your own personal laptop, cell phone or tablet. All cabins have access to the Internet via a wireless connection. In order to access the Internet, you will need to purchase an Internet package. Internet access is based on a shared satellite bandwidth and guests may experience slower connections during peak hours.

Packages may be pre-purchased and at times, there can be savings for pre-purchasing. Be sure to check it out on your online NCL account or through the NCL App!

cell phone

Norwegian has an advanced roaming network available on all ships, allowing you to place and receive calls, voice mail, text messages and GPRS data using your own cell phone. Per minute rate applies; carrier rates may apply. Contact your carrier for your rates and roaming charges. For additional information on cellular service at sea, please visit: cellularatsea.com.

Discount Cruise Ship packages are now available for AT&T® mobile customers while aboard select ships. Choose from options for calling only, calling/messaging, or calling/messaging/data. To learn more, CLICK HERE.


With your cellular phone, your wireless carrier and cellular at sea, you can talk, text, share and cruise! 


We HIGHLY suggest downloading the Norwegian App if you have not already. Through this app you can do many things like check-in, do the E-Muster, get all the updates, check your onboard account, and see important information like the daily schedule. You do NOT have to purchase the internet package to use this app onboard. 

ship-to-shore calling phone

You can make ship-to-shore calls from your stateroom phone, 24 hours a day. You will be billed* at applicable ship-to-shore rates.

*Please use American Express, MasterCard and Discover Card, only.



Our OTBC staff will be located at the “Guest Services” Desk on Deck 7, Midship. Our staff is available to answer any of your On the Blue Cruise questions during posted hours. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help make your OTBC experience more enjoyable. When in doubt, always visit the OTBC Hospitality Desk first, BEFORE visiting the Pearl Guest Services Desk.


Ship related questions should be directed to Guest Services located on deck 7, Midship. When in doubt, before visiting Guest Services, please visit the On the Blue Cruise Hospitality Desk. Please understand that any questions related specifically to On the Blue Cruise, must be addressed to the OTBC Hospitality Desk, as this is a charter.

OTBC Merchandise

The OTBC Merch store is the place for everything On the Blue Cruise! The wide variety of OTBC merchandise and band swag will ensure there is something for every Rock fan! Show your OTBC Pride and grab some new gear! Visit the OTBC Store on the Pool Deck (Deck 12).

Remember, you are not able to use your Cruise Card to purchase OTBC merchandise. Both cash and credit card are accepted. Keep in mind that at times the ability to use a credit card may be limited due to Internet speed.


music stages

Most artists will be performing twice during the sailing. Similar to a festival, performances will take place on multiple stages throughout the ship at varying times, with some performances taking place in venues where capacity is limited. 


deck 12 - midship

stardust theater

DECK 6 & 7 - forward


deck 7 - midship




deck 13 - FORWARD


DO NOT GET ON THE SHIP WITHOUT YOUR LAMINATE! ALL On the Blue Cruise Guests will receive a laminate and seating instructions during the embarkation process. Please be sure to open and make sure you have everything. If for any reason you do not receive your laminate, please alert an OTBC team member immediately. Please be sure to read the instructions carefully in order to clearly understand how seating works throughout your cruise.  

SEATING FOR SHOWS - Stardust Theater

RED/BLUE THEATER SHOWS: Only select shows in the Stardust Theater will have assigned seating. Please consult your On the Blue Cruise Schedule or Daily Program for assigned show colors. These schedules will indicate which shows are BLUE and which are REDThe seat location printed on the back of your laminate will only pertain to theater shows with an assigned color.

ALL OPEN SEATING SHOWS:  For shows without a color assigned to them, these are OPEN SEATING SHOWS.  All VIP Guests will receive priority entrance to the Stardust Theater (please look for separate line for VIP), as well as other select venues. VIPs will enter in the following order: GOLD VIPs will enter first, followed by SILVER VIPs and then Bronze VIPs. After all VIPs in the queue have entered, doors will open and all guests may enter at that time. Once the theater is open to all guests, no special VIP seating is available.

For more detailed instructions on seating, CLICK HERE.


Photo Experiences

There will be photo experiences scheduled with select performers during the cruise. OTBC photographers will be taking all photos and you may download your photos at no cost using the link: www.VIPCruisePhotos.com. Please allow approximately 1-2 weeks after your return for all photos to be uploaded.

Please note that due to the number of OTBC performers, guests, and the limited time available, the artists will not be able to sign autographs during these sessions.


If you get photos taken from the ship’s photographers at any time and wish to purchase, you must visit the photo gallery on Deck 7, aft on or before the last night of the cruise. These photos will NOT be available once the cruise has ended.

When in doubt, ask the photographer if they are with On the Blue Cruise or NCL.



The Norwegian Pearl is known for an astonishing amount of dining and lounge options. So, grab a glass at Magnum’s Champagne and Wine Bar or a pint at Maltings Beer and Whiskey Bar. Prefer something straight up? Why not stop into Shakers Martini & Cocktail Bar…the options truly are endless!

Of course, what is a good drink without incredible cuisine to go with it? With so many Complimentary and Specialty Dining options, you can find whatever your heart desires! Anything from casual to formal, pizza at 3 am or even if you don’t want to leave your stateroom…the Pearl’s dining options will satisfy whatever you crave!

Our advice on dining

If you are hoping to take advantage of some of the specialty restaurants on board (and we HIGHLY recommend you do), be sure to book your reservation as soon as possible, as reservations fill up fast. Also, remember that the specialty restaurants are not included in your cruise fare and have an additional charge that will be added to your onboard account. 

All the complimentary dining options on this Cruise are Open Seating, so if you are going to dine in the dining room, be sure to check the daily program for the hours of operation and go when it is right for you. 


All guests are required to follow and adhere to all posted onboard policies, Norwegian's Guest Code of Conduct follow all guidelines outlined in the Terms and Conditions of the booking, as well as the Shipboard Etiquette as listed on our website. Failure to do so shall result in immediate disembarkation from the vessel. This is including, but not limited to, smoking, alcohol consumption, illegal substances, guest behavior, intentional or unintentional damage to the vessel, and more. We thank you in advance for your cooperation…let’s have a fun and safe sailing!

audio, video & photo policy

Photography with fixed camera lens is permitted, professional cameras (video or still) or cameras with detachable lens are not permitted. Out of respect for the performers, please refrain from flash photography during ALL Concerts. In addition, any and all videotaping or audio recording is prohibited.  Thank you for your cooperation.

videotaping waiver

Please be aware that a professional video crew will be on board shooting footage to be used for the promotion of future On the Blue Cruise events. When the video team is shooting in any particular location/venue on the ship, your presence in said location/venue acknowledges your permission for your likeness to be used in the future for non-commercial broadcast promotional videos or still pictures. If you do not wish to be filmed please notify the video crew and be prepared to exit the location/venue for a short time until taping is complete. Thank you for your cooperation.

the artists

The Artists are available throughout the entire cruise experience, from concerts, photo ops, Q&A sessions and more. In fact, they have a crazy schedule with very little downtime. Please be respectful of the limited time off that they have during the cruise. You will have plenty of opportunities to interact with them and see them perform with all the scheduled events that are going on, we promise. Please, when you see one of our artists taking a break, by all means wave and say, “hi” in passing, but respect that this is a small period of downtime for them before their next event.


NCL’s procedure for disembarking the ship could not be any easier! With both the option to check your bag the night before and retrieve it once you reach the pier or “Easy Walk-Off Disembarkation” where you hand carry your own luggage and be the first to disembark...the process will be a breeze and you can choose which option is right for you. Make sure to review the instruction information delivered to your stateroom generally on the evening before the last day of the sailing . 

If you choose to have NCL assist you with your luggage, simply follow the disembarkation instructions given to you and add your luggage tag to your luggage. Luggage tags correspond with the time you would like to leave. It’s that simple! If you need to change your departure time, please go to the Guest Service Desk, deck 7, mid-ship starting from 12:00 noon onwards on the last day to exchange your luggage tags. Colored time slots are limited. Once that color is gone, kindly select another color. 

Once you have your selected luggage tags, fill them out and attach them to your luggage before putting your bags outside your stateroom door. Bags must be out in the hallway the night before departure and the ship will instruct you by what time this is required. Remember, you will be putting your luggage outside your door and will not have access to your luggage in the morning. We strongly suggest that you have a small carry-on bag for your morning essentials and toiletries. 

In addition, guests may be asked to fill out a US Customs form, which will be provided to you the night prior to disembarkation, along with instructions, if needed. 

Once you have cleared customs, (make sure to have your passports and/or proof of citizenship handy) you will depart the terminal. There are plenty of taxis that will be waiting outside for departing guests. 


norwegian pearl

1 (888) 627-4477 (within the United States)

1 (732) 335-3280 (outside the United States)

Ship’s passengers may be contacted via telephone using the above phone numbers.  Please have the ship Name (Norwegian Pearl) as well as credit card information handy.  The cost is $7.95 USD a minute and can be charged to a MasterCard® or Visa®.  From outside the U.S. additional long distance charges will also apply.  We advise that your friends, co-workers and relatives use only in case of an emergency.

ON THE BLUE CRUISE reservations

(855) 622-3111



norwegian cruise line

1 (866) 234-7350



Terminal B

1015 N. America Way

1 (866) 234-7350


ShiP Lingo

Is this your first time cruising? Confused on which way is Aft and which is Starboard? Look no further as we have put together a list of unfamiliar terms that you may hear while sailing with us, but always remember, if you have any questions please feel free to ask!

  •  Aft – Close to, at, or toward the stern or tail (back of the ship)

  • Atrium - The central court of a cruise ship that typically can be seen from more than one story of the ship’s interior. 

  • Bow - The very front of the ship.

  • Bridge - The navigational control center.

  • Disembark - To unload either passengers or cargo from a ship.

  • Dock - Where your ship 'parks' when in port.

  • Forward - The front or near the front of the ship.

  • Gangway - Allows you access on and off the ship. 

  • Hospitality Desk Located at the “Guest Services” Desk on Deck 7 and staffed with On the Blue Cruise /On the Blue Team personnel to answer any questions relating to your OTBC vacation. Please visit the hospitality desk if you have questions. If you have questions specifically related to your onboard account or shore excursion please visist the NCL Guest Services desk and speak with an NCL personnel.

  • Mid Ship - The middle of the ship.  

  • Muster – To come together or assemble aboard ship for inspection or roll call. (Mandatory for all passengers before we sail). 

  • Muster Station – A specific location on ship to gather, based on stateroom assignment.

  • Pier – A structure built out over the water and supported by pillars or piles: used as a landing place.

  • Port – The left side of a ship as one faces forward. 

  • Port of Call – Regular stopover(s) on a cruise itinerary.

  • Guest Services – For questions regarding your cruise account, your stateroom and anything directly related to the ship itself, please visit the ship’s Guest Services Desk Located on Deck 7, Midship.

  • Ship – You always cruise on a "ship", never a "boat.”

  • Starboard – The right side of the ship as one faces forward. 

  • Stateroom – Your cabin or berth.

  • Stateroom Steward – A person whose work is to maintain the guests' staterooms while onboard. If you have any questions about your stateroom, please refer to your Stateroom/Cabin Steward. 

  • Stern – The very back of the ship.

  • Tender – A boat for carrying passengers to or from a ship close to shore.